In The Works/Coming Soon

Cost              Received

Parking Lot

According to our master plan, the parking lot will eventually need to be made larger and more road base be put down.  Most of the cost will be in the ground prep and road base.

$15,000                     $0

Generator Fund 

The time for an overhaul on the generator is coming soon.  We feel it would be wise to get a fund in place so that when the time comes we will be ready financially to have it overhauled.

$10,000                     $0

Septic System Upgrade

In order to continue with the master plan, we will need to increase our septic system capacity.

$???                          $0

RV Trailer

We are looking for staff housing solutions for the coming 2017 summer.   So, we could use some temporary housing like a travel trailer, tiny house, etc. for the program director or cook to stay in.

$???                          $0

Can Always Use

Cost              Received


“…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”   -James 5:16b-

Free                           ???

Basketballs, Soccer balls, Volleyballs, etc

The outdoors, weather, and a couple hundred campers wear out sports equipment quickly!

$15 each                    $0

Super-Deck Cedar Stain

From benches, posts, bridges, siding, decks, to tables, they all take stain!

$100/5 gallons           $0

Inner Tubes for Snow Hill and Culvert

Every year we lose about 3-4 tubes that are beyond repair and patching.

$30 each                   $0

Butcher Paper Roll

We use these rolls for crafts, games, signs, and decorations.   We really roll right through them!

$50 each                   $0

Silverware (especially forks)

Just try to find the same fork twice! If you find some old, but not worn out flatware, we could use it to replenish our stock.

$0.25 each                $0


Though we do not offer scholarships, we try to keep a reserve fund for camperships.  This helps us to make sure that families in need can get help if needed.

$80-160/camper        TBA

General Giving

We charge our campers and guest groups only about %80 of the actual cost to run camp.  The rest is made up from general giving by individuals and churches.  We always appreciate your gift, no matter what the amount…it all helps!

$25,000/year             $19,643 (Oct 2016)

It Would Be Nice

Cost              Received

BBQ Updates

We love to BBQ, and would like to make a better place for doing so.  Our plan is to get a covered BBQ area.

$3,000                       $0

Roof Updates

Over the years the roofs get old!  Nails begin to come up, and fixes need to be made.

$???                          $0

McCloud Fire Tool

These are handy tools for brush clearing and fire control

$60 each                   $0

Snow Plow

We currently clear the road for winter camps with the backhoe, but would be more effective with the right tool!

$3,000                       $0

Jet-Boil Backpacking Stove

Currently we have been borrowing stoves each year, we would like to have one dedicated to the trips!

$100 each                 $0

Backpacking Water Filter

We have one, but could use two or three.  Currently we are hoping to purchase a good filter with a cleanable filter cartridge.

$100                          $0

Jehovah Jireh … Our God Provides

Praise God for His provision the following needs so far!

± Salad Bar! Summer of 2016
± Bathroom Project Completed! Fall of 2015
± One Set of Fire Tools! Summer of 2015
± New Microwave! Summer 2015
± New Vacuum! Spring 2015