Q. When does camp begin?
A.  Registration begins Sunday at 4:30 pm. No supervision will be provided for children who arrive early.
Q.  When does camp end?
A.  Primary Camp – Tuesday at 7:30 pm
     All other camps – Friday at 10:00 am
Q. Are campers served dinner after registration?
A.  Yes!
Q. What is a family discount?
A.  If you have more than one child attending camp this summer, the first child is regular price, second is $5 off, third is  $10 off, fourth or more is $15 off.
Q. How do I send a letter to someone at camp?
A.  Note: mail takes about 3 days to arrive
     Camper’s Name
     c/o Mountain Meadows Bible Camp
     7100 Arrowhead Road
     Shingletown, CA  96088
Q.  May call my camper? May my camper call me?
A.  Only in the event of an emergency.
Q.  What is the weather like?
A.  Mt. Meadows is located at 4,300 feet in elevation and has warm days, very cool nights, and occasional rain.
Q. What do I bring?
A.  Bible, notebook, pen, warm sleeping bag, clothes for warm days and cool nights, swimsuit (girls-one piece), towels  (beach & bath), extra shoes, flashlight.
Q.  What don’t I bring?
A.  Cell phone and any electronic game devices.
Q.  Can I send medications with my child?
A.  All medications brought to camp must be turned in to camp administration in their original containers for safe-keeping and distribution. All medications will be given by the camp nurse according to the doctor’s label or signed instructions from the legal guardian. Over-the-counter medications listed on the registration form are available and will be given as symptoms warrant. Parents will be notified if symptoms persist.
Q.  What is Discipleship Camp?
A.  Campers will travel to another community where they will stay and minister to both physical and spiritual needs.