On Saturday August 18, 2012, the Ponderosa Fire started in Manton, California and began to burn its way toward Shingletown and Mountain Meadows Bible Camp. But our God is mighty and worked many miracles…here are a few!

Miracle #1

God was awesome in protecting camp. God allowed some of camp’s volunteers who have fire experience to get into camp and keep the generator going and the water tank filled.

Miracle #2

The fire was roaring and burned right up to the property line at which point the fire just stopped! “Even the winds and the waves obey Him.”

Miracle #3

Camp has been described by those on the scene as “an island.” Three sides of camp are now a wasteland, but to sit in camp and look around, you would never know. The fire literally went all around camp, but not through camp. Numerous people on site would watch live embers fall to the ground and just simply go out!

Miracle #4

We were going to drain the pond when we couldn’t swim in it anymore, but at the last minute, God changed Paul’s mind. The pond was used by helicopters to fill up water to drop on the fire. Coincidence? Not a chance!
God chose to save camp completely (only our entrance gate, sign, and fence burned)! He also chose to save all of our neighbors! In the days following the fire, camp was labeled as “Bible Island” by many of the firefighters who found a clean place to rest and be refreshed within camp. And we had the opportunity to witness of God’s hand over camp. One firefighter after being told of the miracle at camp told us that we also had good clearance and were “well prepared”. However, three days later when he came back through he said, “It’s about that miracle…we went to the ridge south of you and it was clear to see, the fire was headed right for you, then it just turned for no reason.” Another neighbor across the creek told us that he stayed late that night before leaving. He said, “I have heard people say that the wind shifted, but there was no wind…the fire just came up to your camp, stopped, and turned.” God is faithful! “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord.” Proverbs 21:32
The Lord’s hand of protection from the Ponderosa fire was a huge miracle, however, there is an even bigger miracle that happens at camp; campers who become a part of the family of God! That’s right; the real miracle is that just as God can save camp from the fire, He can also save us from our sins! Many have come to know forgiveness while at camp, and hopefully many more will. God has a plan for each of us: let us trust Him, “He who calls you is faithful, who will also do it!”